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Monday, September 15, 2008


Zoey looking fondly at her big brother

From the day we brought Zoey home from the hospital her and Adam were destined to be best friends! My whole pregnancy I worried and agonized about how Adam was going to react to having a sibling. Because not only was he our first child but he was also the first grandchild on my side of the family and a boy grandchild born to the son in a family full of sisters. This was the grandchild that would carry on the family name. So, needless to say, he was kind of a golden child that first year.

But all my worrying was in vain because Adam loved his baby sister from day one. And she loved him, too. He was always kind and gentle and sweet to her. He never seemed to get even a tab bit jealous of how much of my time she took. And was very protective of her when she cried. And I'm convinced they somehow communicated with each other and had this conspiracy to take over my bed.

All tuckered out

When Adam was old enough to move out of the nursery at church and into the 3 year old Sunday School class he cried for weeks and weeks about Zoey not coming with him. It was quite traumatic for him to be separated from her!

Even now it never ceases to amaze me how well they play together. Of course there are disagreements and arguments. But for the most part they are like two peas in a pod. There are days that they will disappear into Adam's room together for hours on end, content just to be playing with each other. The bond they have is truly special. And it's just between them. As far as they are concerned, 3 is a crowd.

A few months ago Zoey was sick, and spending a lot of time in bed. But that didn't deter Adam. He hopped right up on the end of her bed and "read" her books all day. (He's only 4 so he doesn't really read, he quotes books he has memorized. It's really cute.) He even wanted to have his lunch with her, to keep her company.


And this is how I often find them when they are watching movies together.


And the kicker....the other night Zoey woke up crying. She said she had a bad dream. I tried to console her for a few minutes but no matter what I did she just kept crying and couldn't calm back down. I even offered to rock her for a few minutes. But what she really wanted was Adam. I kept telling her he was asleep but she kept asking for him. So finally I asked her if she wanted to go lay in his bed with him. At that suggestion she finally stopped crying. So I took her into his room, slid him over, and laid her down next to him. She settled in immediately and went right back to sleep!

Sleeping with big brother

I love that they love each other. Here's to the start of a beautiful relationship.


orangemily said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!

Megs said...

Ahh.. so cute. Brings tears my eyes. It is great they get along so well. And nice to know that Zoey will have an older brother to keep a look at over her when she older.

anndrea said...

That is so cool, I think Jake loves his sisters but sometimes I wonder if he likes them. They fight and he definitley has big brother sydrome, I think he learned it from Tyler to torture me throughout the day. I hope for your sake they continue to be close.

Karen said...

That is so sweet! I love that they love each other like that, too.

Damselfly said...

Aw! I want to have another baby right now!

HeidiPie said...

That is so cool.

Kristin said...

what a heartwarming entry. loved the adorable pics!