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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's rhyming time

You know how sometimes you get songs stuck in your head. Some repeating line and melody over and over and over and over again. Until you're so sick of that song you want to scream.

Since I have kids I get Dr. Seuss stuck in my head. Can't help it. The rhyme and rhythm glue themselves to the inside of my cranium, beating around inside my already crowded thoughts.

A classic that is often found bumping around my grey matter is "Bid D, little d. David Donald Doo. Dreamed a Dozen Doughnuts and a duck-dog, too."

Over and over and over with the ducks and the doughnuts until I'm not sure I should quack or bark or run down to my nearest Krispy Kreme.

Fox in Socks is bad, too. Because even in my head my tongue trips all over the words. "When Beetles battle Beetles in a puddle paddle battle and the battles in a bottle and the bottles on a poodle and the poodles eating noodles. This is a Tweedle beetle puddle battle muddle fuddled wuddle."

I won't ask you to say that 5 times fast because I'm pretty sure my older brother actually can. I think he just may have the entire book memorized, too. "Who sews Sue's socks? Sue sews Sue's socks."

And those Who's down in Whoville. You know how they are.

Don't misunderstand me, I actually really love Dr. Seuss. My daughter's bedroom is decorated all in Dr. Seuss. My kids were even Seuss characters for Halloween last year.

Halloween, Seuss style

I just wish those catchy rhymes weren't so, well, catchy sometimes!

So sweet dreams all my readers. I wish you pleasant dreams free from a dozen doughnuts and duck-dogs, too.


Jen said...

Look at how cute they are!

Karen said...

You know the song my kids were singing when you were here last Saturday? Yep, I still hear it. In my head and out. Your kids really are darling Dr. Seuss characters.

orangemily said...

I am always getting Suess stuck in my head!
Rich reads those books so fast to Moira and he doesn't even trip over the words. I bet he does have it memorized!
So, what costumes for Halloween this year?

Bonnie said...

I read that when you get a song/tune stuck in your head, it is called an "ear worm"

Bonnie said...

I read that when you get a song/tune stuck in your head, it is called an "ear worm"

Damselfly said...

Hee hee! We have that duck-dog book too.

And I really hope you won a costume contest with kidlets dressed like that!