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Sunday, September 21, 2008

croupy kids blues

Last week Harrison was sick. Diarrhea, croupy cough, runny nose. It was a fun filled week full of being cooped up in the house and long, sleepless nights.

I was see the light at the end of the tunnel around Friday. He was starting to sound better and be happier. I rejoiced greatly.

Yesterday morning Adam woke up sounding croupy and by noon Zoey was sounding just as bad. And if last night was any indication of how the rest of the week will go, it's going to be a long week. Fevers, croupy coughs, runny noses. I spent the night running back and forth between the two-I'd get one comforted and back to sleep just in time for the other to wake up crying. I spent the night rubbing vicks vapor rub on chests and feet, re-dosing them with tylenol, refilling water bottles, sticking heads in the freezer to help them breath easier.

So it looks like week 2 of being cooped up in the house and long, sleepless nights.

I know it could be worse. They don't have chronic or life-threatening diseases. For that I'm thankful. But a nice LONG nap sure would be nice.

Unfortunately I have to teach at church today so Mike will be staying home with the sick kids and he'll probably get that long nap instead.

And who says motherhood isn't glamourous?


Karen said...

Sorry about the sick little ones! :( I hope that wasn't our fault. Thanks again for Mike's help, your kids to keep mine busy and out of our hair, the house cleaning and most of all for hanging out. I just can't help it, you make me smile.


HeidiPie said...

That's definitely NO FUN. My kids have been sick the LAST two weeks. Did you know that frozen corn and carrots can make your throat feel better in the middle of the night? You had to teach today too? Mee toooo.

Andria said...

I had to teach today too, but I have to teach every week. Loads o' funny. Sorry about the wee ones. Andrew had that crap last winter and we spent a lot of time with him in the bathroom with the shower on full blast for the steam. No fun at all.

Karen said...

How are the mini-me's? Any better yet? You surviving?

anndrea said...

For the past 2 weeks everyone of us has been sick and having a tough time shaking it. I was just thinking the other day is it better to be sick at the same time or one at a time? After reading your blog I think all at the same time is better that way it is done and over with...hopefully.

orangemily said...

Aww, I hope they get feeling better!
I didn't have to teach RS yesterday (new baby excuse) but I'm back on the bandwagon with you ladies next month.

Jen said...

Sick kids are no fun. I am sure my kids will get a cold again here in a few days. We went to church on Sunday and no fail, 3 days after church everyone is sick.