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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Food Theif Strikes Again!

Some of you who have been reading awhile may remember when I told you all about how Zoey steals the baby's food.

She's been at it pretty consistently, always getting busted for taking whatever I happen to put on the baby's tray. Apparently his food tastes better than hers, which is strange since I mostly feed them the exact same thing! Whenever she gets busted she tries to tell me that the baby didn't want it anymore.

Today for lunch I gave the baby a cereal bar. Not 2 minutes later I turn around to see the ENTIRE thing in Zoey's hand, with a big bite taken out of it. I say "Zoey, give that back to the baby!" So she sets the remaining cereal bar down on the highchair tray and then starts to spit out the half chewed stuff already in her mouth.

GROSS! So I had to quickly explain to her that she could KEEP what was in her mouth and just had to give back the un-masticated portion.


Karen said...

That's funny! You know nothing is yours till you swallow it around here, so maybe she's practicing for when she next visists.

orangemily said...

Funny how kids take things so literally!

Jen said...

LOL. Kids are just so literal and they don't get sarcasm at all.